What Could We Do If We Weren’t Afraid

What Could We Do If We Weren

Great observers of our time tend to describe the road ahead with words like disruptive, polar, and turbulent. But wide open, inclusive, and promising are part of the picture as well. History has given us an unusual opportunity to imagine

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Working, Learning, & Leading In a Changing World

Working, Learning, Leading

As I continue examining themes in the future of work, one stands out: The more technology changes business, the more community matters. Unpack that for a moment. Take. Time. To think. For those paying attention, there are two fundamental understandings.

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Learning Our Way Through

Learning our way through

Friends who read my post redefining work asked me to spell out how-to-do-it’s. I empathize, but a single answer doesn’t provide the whole key to the kind of puzzle we’re trying to solve. If you feel like it’s increasingly difficult to walk

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Re|define the Meaning of “Work”


Recently, #ChangingIndustries noted a trend about disappearing jobs that, I argue, we must all think deeply about. I’m concerned that the implications are more profound and far-reaching than many realize. The key issue, it seems, is to redefine what “work”

How overcommitment derails change


  High-achievers commit. Then they commit again. And they commit one more time. And then, another time. And each time they inch a little further along that commitment continuum until they get to the bright red flashing lights surrounding overcommitment.

Innovation Relies on Everyone’s Creativity

Hope Innovation Creativity

As innovation becomes increasingly important, relying on everyone’s creativity will become one of the most critical capabilities of successful businesses. Digital technology certainly unleashed an extraordinary wave of innovation. It also changed the process of innovation. It’s becoming more diffuse,

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Four Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

Four Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

Our challenge isn’t understanding the practice of teaming; it’s practicing our understanding of teaming. There’s the difference!  Over the years, I’ve boiled down to four simple words the key behaviors supporting great teamwork: (1) openness, (2) clarity, (3) action, and

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Creating a Learning Culture


My piano teacher told me that music not performed doesn’t really exist. If no one plays it, it’s just notes in a book. Learning is a lot like music—waiting to be discovered and acted on. Buffeted by profound advancements in

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Inspiring Hope To Cultivate Innovation

Innovation Means Moving Toward Potential

A tourist walks up to a New Yorker and asks how to get to Carnegie Hall. The New Yorker says, “Practice.” It’s a fitting analogy to the common question, “How can we build innovation into our culture?” I’d say three

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Characteristics of Collaborative Leaders

Characteristics of Collaborative Leaders

The songwriter Bob Dylan reminded us, The Times They Are A-Changin’. Part of our responsibility in times of change is to develop new meanings for old words. For instance, if you hear the word leader, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s

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10 Ways to Foster an Inclusive Environment

Creating an Inclusive Environment

I’m a little unhappy with all the talk lately about diversity and inclusion. Why is it so hard for us? I mean, we’re talking about valuing persons.  If we fail on the key challenge of diversity and inclusion, our efforts

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The New Realities

Leading the Organization of the Future

There come periods when a single truth seems to cry out for focused proclamation. As I continue talking about the ramifications of digital technologies, I’ve come to understand more clearly that distilling into urgent language the needed changes is a

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