Predictive Analytics

The first predictive analytics to help teams succeed. Get deep clarity into your most valuable asset. “How” is no longer a question. You can! 

Predictive analytics clarity

The “What”question. . .

What if you could measure the conceptual intelligence of your group? Or imagine knowing in advance which persons, assigned to design a horse, would produce a camel versus which would develop a thoroughbred.

Our analytics platform was set up to accomplish just that sort of evaluation. We can help your team clear hurdles that stand between your today and your vision for a better tomorrow.

The Business Benefit

What could you accomplish when your team simultaneously finds their tempo and moves ideas through trust to improve business results? Client metrics gauged:

  $27 million additional revenue  |  63% correlation with job satisfaction
70% improvement in team trust  |  55% greater leadership effectiveness
14% increase in high-rated hires | 20% decrease in time to hire  |  14% improved net promoter score

What’s inside?

  • Comprehensive insight in a culture specific dashboard that inspires you to strengthen performance, by design
  • Practical tips, tactics, and strategies for developing intelligent teams that release the energies of others

Who is this for?

Every team with a vigor for unleashing the potential of its members. Leaders who feel a change in behavior — for themselves or their group — can make a significant difference. Anyone who wants a clearer sense of their capacity for collaboration, change, and learning “on the go.”


Contact us if you’d like a comprehensive team report. You’ll gain clarity you’ve never had before.

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Predictive analytics process