When We Can Help

Clients rely on us to design collaborative innovation models fit for the future of work. 

When We Can Help

Our Scope of Work

Regardless if it’s a workshop or project, our Team:Work™ methodology prepares you with the tools, skills, and judgment to establish the type of inclusive culture vital to innovation, developed with a sense of urgency to focus on the customer.

We define team and innovation design as:

1. TEAM DESIGN develops high performance through simple disciplines for team members to hold each accountable to perform and assist one another in support of the goal. 

2. INNOVATION DESIGN creates new dimensions of performance through a systematic search for “beneficial surprises” that move teams beyond old assumptions. 

Customized for You

Our process may seem familiar, but there’s more than meets the eye. The freshness in CoVenture comes from our unique Team:Work™ methodology, which we use to apply design thinking with data analytics to integrate the needs of people and the requirements for business success. Please give us a call or drop us an email — we’d love to talk with you.

What We Believe

>> Leaders matter, but leadership matters most

>> Leadership in the 21st century is a collective mind

>> Changes in performance change culture, not the reverse. 

Getting Started

It all begins with a conversation. Contact us and we’ll set up a free consultation to understand your distinct teaming issues, culture, budget and constraints.

Not sure where to begin? We understand. Check out our services.

Know the team challenges you’re trying to solve? Tell us more about them to get started and we’ll work up a proposal for your review.


Our Clients

We have the great privilege of working with outstanding organizations all over the world to define the future they want, improve teaming, and work better to achieve that future together.

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